Pawlenty: America’s in ‘Big Trouble’

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pawlentyA week after officially declaring his presidential bid, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is offering a behind-the-scenes look at his campaign rollout in a new video, hoping to connect with voters and gain some traction for a push that was drowned out last week by news from other 2012 hopefuls.

In a three-minute web video released Tuesday morning, the Pawlenty camp mixes the candidate’s May 23 announcement with up-close and shaky shots of him, wife Mary, and voters at a rally in Des Moines.

“I want to be president because America is in big trouble,” Pawlenty says in a clip from his “Today” show interview with Matt Lauer. “These are serious times and they need serious people with serious solutions.”

In the video, Mary Pawlenty describes her husband as “someone extraordinary,” as the camera panning from him, to a mother and child in the crowd, voters holding up their cell phones and cameras, and a bank of TV cameras.

There are words of encouragement from Rush Limbaugh, who interviewed Pawlenty on announcement day: “I know you’re qualified.”

“I look into his eyes and I see an honest man,” one voter says. Another adds: “He is the people’s man, and he’s trying to be fair with everybody from all walks of life.”

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  1. I have a serious solution for Mr. Pawlenty: He should fix his blasphemous contrary rhetoric. I think that Mr. Pawlently is about as honorable as a turkey going to the White House Pardoning event. But guess what, this just doesnt look like its the election for Mr. Pawlenty or anyone else on the GOP side save for perhaps Mr. Romney who might just make a strong showing that may get him votes in the future. But mark my words, Pawlently is a zero and it will become blatently apparant if he takes center stage and tries for the biggest job in the nation. I suspect we will see many illiberal and raucous statements from him in the future and I file them neatly away in my memory and write what comes next.

  2. I LIKE this guy! He’s got the guts to tell farmers in Iowa that we cannot subsidize Ethanol, seniors in Florida that Medicare has to change, and Wall Street that there can’t be anymore bailouts! What a breath of fresh air!


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