Pawlenty: Obama is a ‘Chicken’


pawlentyPawlenty called Obama “chicken” yesterday morning for not addressing entitlement reform during his recent State of the Union address, as he tries to showcase a tougher T-Paw.

“He swung and whiffed at one of the biggest challenges facing the country, he didn’t even address entitlement spending,” Pawlenty said on “Fox & Friends.” “He’s chicken to not address the real issues.”

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Pawlenty’s harsh rhetoric against the president prompted one of the Fox hosts to ask if he was pivoting to become a “tougher Tim Pawlenty.” Echoing his usual response to questions about his often-soft approach, Pawlenty said she should not confuse being “Minnesota nice” with “being weak.”

The former governor also said he’ll “have a decision and announcement for you shortly” regarding a presidential run.



  1. Mr. Pawlenty,
    Our president is not obligated to discuss every topic that you command in his state of the union discourse. He did not mention Israel or the Palestinian situation and I did not find that to be a fault. Challening his authority on this topic is not going to get me to see your priority especially if running for president is in your consideration. If this is a topic of importance, find another way to address it. Challenging a president in challening times says that you are a separatist in terms of national unity.


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