Pelosi Channels Funds To Ilhan Omar’s Reelection Bid

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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi channeled $14,000 into Rep. Ilhan Omar’s bid for re-election ahead of a contested primary, Washington Free Beacon reported Monday.

Citing the Federal Election Commission records unveiled last week, the outlet pointed at $10,000 given to Omar’s campaign from Pelosi’s political action committee and a further $4,000 from her own campaign.

The support comes ahead of a contested state primary as the freshman Democrat from Minnesota finds herself outgunned by Antone Melton-Meaux.

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  1. Good ol’ Pelosi. I love ‘moderate’ Dems. You can always count on them to stick to their true values and not kiss up to far left extremist bigots who only represent a ‘fraction’ of the party. Not.


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