Pelosi: It ‘Breaks My Heart’ The Hillary Isn’t President

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday it “breaks my heart” to be introduced as the highest-ranking woman because she wishes there were a woman president.

“The one thing that breaks my heart is when they introduce me as the highest-ranking woman I keep thinking ‘no it wasn’t supposed to be this way, we were supposed to have a woman president,’” she said at the Commonwealth Club of California, a public affairs forum.

“Anyway, that may sound political to some of you,” she added.

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  1. Hey, Plastic. You could of had the lovely Jill Stein. You encouraged her to scream about a recount, which she did, and that started the entire Russian Collusion hoax. Plastic, you are the biggest loser to ever be speaker of the house.

  2. It makes my heart Hillary isn’t.
    I brakes my heard that low life bums like her are in congress.
    All dems are low life, liars.

  3. All those stupid, imbecilic Americans who didn’t vote for the greatest woman on the planet! All those deplorables! Do post-partem abortions on them! Just make sure they’re comfortable!

  4. Biblical roles strengthen an apt culture. Why she has to roadhouse in is confrontational.

    End the 19th amendment and restore religion. A real fate.

  5. Pelosi, you’re panicking about the upcoming arrest and petrified you’ll end like Hillary. Which is why it breaks your heart that Hillary isn’t president. Had she been President, you and the rest of the political gangsters would be able to continue your corruptions.

  6. Better she should have a broken heart than we should have a broken country under HRC.

    We dodged a bullet B”H in 2016.

  7. Nebuch Nancy goes around to Shuls near Washington and sneaks in during the kiddish and polishes off bottles of old Williamsburg.


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