Pelosi: ‘No Country Does More To Protect US From Terrorism Than Israel’

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
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Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer spoke on Sunday at the closing plenary of the Israeli American Council (IAC) National Conference in Miami, where Israeli-American businessman and philanthropist Haim Saban asked Pelosi about her views on the two state solution,

“I’ve said [to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu]: If it’s not a solution than two-state doesn’t mean anything. Focus on the word solution. We have to make it really clear to the Palestinians that we expect them to be responsible negotiators and we haven’t seen a lot of that thus far,” said Pelosi.

“I believe the establishment of the state of Israel was the greatest political accomplishment of the 20th century,” continued Pelosi, who described Israel as “a beacon of hope and values and we cannot in way have that diminished because Israel is not just a country” but also shares ideals and values with the United States and is a close friend.

Haim Saban noted that the connection between Israel and the United States is mutual. “The United States not only helps Israel but Israel helps the United States, and I am proud to say that as an Israeli-American.”

Schumer agreed with Saban’s statement and noted the shared intelligence, keeping an eye on terrorists, and the military cooperation between the countries. “No other country does more to protect American from terrorism than Israel and that’s a point that must be made known,” he stressed.

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  1. Nancy and Chuck are good at lip service, but followed President Hussein in all of his maniacal support of Muslim Brotherhood and Persian Mullahs. The contemporary DRat party is a party of supporting genocide.


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