Pelosi Says White House Did Not Tell Her About Iran Strike Plan

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that she was not informed of President Donald Trump’s plans to strike Iran Thursday night, a military action that he said he called off minutes before it was to occur.

At a congressional event, Pelosi, second in line to the presidency, was asked if she had been notified by the White House, and she replied, “No.” Her spokesman said a statement would be forthcoming.

Traditionally, House and Senate leadership, and chair and ranking members on the national security-related and other key committees are told about an imminent U.S. military action.

Senior lawmakers were briefed at the White House about how the United States planned to respond to Iran shooting down an unmanned U.S. drone Thursday afternoon, but no set plans were made at that time.

Military action and whether Congress should vote to authorize it have long been a point of contention between Congress and the White House given the constitutionally-mandated authority given to Congress to declare war.

(c) 2019, The Washington Post · Colby Itkowitz, Mike DeBonis   



  1. You should see the dance clip of Pelosi and Schumer after they thought they goaded Trump into war with Iran! Ha! Ha! Ha! Trump fooled you again.

  2. You have to strike Iran first before you know what’s in it.
    Btw, Ms. Plastic is 3rd in line for the Presidency despite what the talking heads on CNN tell you. Mike Pence is second. Nice try by the Compost.

  3. President Trump continues relentlessly in his fight to Make America Great Again…
    …but even a clear exoneration of ALL allegations of Russian collusion isn’t enough to stop the Left’s witch hunt.
    Fortunately, Americans across the nation are catching on to the MSM lies and now Trump’s approval rating has surpassed even Barack Obama’s highest!
    Americans realize this president is different. Join with thousands of Patriots today and sign the Thank You pledge!
    President Trump is actually fighting FOR US: whether it’s figting like hell to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, prioritizing JOBS, or protecting our nation from terrorists…
    …all because he’s doing exactly what he promised he would do in office!
    Here are the FACTS:
    Since President Trump took office…
    More Americans employed than ever before in our nation’s history
    Over 4 million new jobs created
    Unemployment hit 49-year low, with African-American and Hispanic unemployment lowest ever
    Historic US-Mexico Trade Deal
    Paris Climate Control Scrapped
    and on and on…
    We cannot let the lunatic Left outflank us in 2020! WE MUST KEEP TRUMP IN OFFICE!
    As much as the libs try to suppress the truth, President Trump has sacrificed his own wealth and privacy to make the future more secure for ALL AMERICANS.
    In fact, Forbes estimates Trump has lost $600 million in net worth since taking office…
    …yet he’s STILL carrying on for US!

  4. Y he should he tell you so that you can warn the Iranians u people should be executed like the rosenbergs for your constant betraying of this country to further your own agenda


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