Pence: Biden, 2020 Dems Are ‘Advocating A Socialist Agenda’

Bloomberg photo by Andrew Harrer.
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Vice President Pence hammered former Vice President Joe Biden and other leading 2020 Democratic presidential contenders as “advocating a socialist agenda.”

“I think the choice that we face in the country today is a choice between freedom and socialism, increasingly. President Trump has been advocating an agenda that’s built on the principles of freedom in the marketplaces, lower taxes, less regulation, more access to energy, better, fair trade deals,” Pence told CNBC on Friday.

“But increasingly, whether it be Joe Biden, whether it be Bernie Sanders, whether it be Elizabeth Warren and others in their party, they’re advocating a socialist agenda of more government, higher taxes and the same tired policies that created the malaise of the last administration where you saw less than 2 percent economic growth,” Pence said.

Read more at The Hill.



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