Pence: I Want Roe V. Wade Overturned, ‘But I Haven’t Been Nominated For The Supreme Court’

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Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday that while he would personally like to see the Supreme Court one day overturn its landmark 1973 ruling legalizing abortion, neither he nor President Donald Trump has discussed the issue with Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Asked by CNN’s Dana Bash whether he wants to see Roe v. Wade overturned, Pence replied, “I do, but I haven’t been nominated for the Supreme Court.”

“I stand for the sanctity of life,” Pence added. “This administration, this president are pro-life, but what the American people ought to know is that, as the president said today, this is not an issue that he discussed with Judge Kavanaugh.”

Pence spent his day on Capitol Hill accompanying Kavanaugh to meetings with Senate leaders after Trump’s announcement Monday night that the 53-year-old judge, who sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, is his choice to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is retiring.

In laying out their case against Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Democrats have made abortion rights and the Affordable Care Act a primary focus. “This nominee will repeal Roe and women’s reproductive freedom, will repeal ACA – far against what the American people want,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said Tuesday.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump pledged to consider only Supreme Court nominees who were against abortion rights, while Pence has said that he longs for the day when Roe v. Wade “is sent to the ash heap of history.”

Even so, Trump and those advising him throughout the process of choosing a Supreme Court nominee have maintained that the president has refrained from raising the issue with any of his potential court picks.

In a separate interview on Fox News Channel, Pence said the White House was “very encouraged at the early response” to Kavanaugh and has “every confidence” that he will be confirmed.

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  1. President Trump, please follow Bill Clinton’s lead and sign DOMA into law!
    DOMA – Defense of Marriage Act.

  2. My husband is in Kollel. I got a psak from a prominent choshuva Rov to abort a pregnancy for health reasons. The situation is not all black and white. There are many, many ramifications that will affect us as well should this law be overturned. It is just that we keep these situations private and rightfully so. But just bear in mind that it is not all evil and one sided.

    • Nobody is talking about abortion for health reasons whether it’s for the mother or baby. Do you really believe that 3,000 babies murdered per day in the US is for health reasons? Definitely not and should be considered criminal. Perhaps the govt should pay for birth control but not for murder.

    • So are you suggesting just leaving the law the way it is and continue to pay millions of dollars in tax money to help irresponsible promiscuous women have their babies murdered? Is that what you’re saying?

      • Big difference between using tax money for abortion and prohibiting it completely. The Catholics want to prohibit it completely (yes, including when mother’s life is in danger), which would make it illegal even when allowed al pi Halacha. On the other hand, the left wants the taxpayers to pay for it, they celebrate it as a “right”. So while we dont want it completely banned, we want restrictions on it, we want to stop the tax payer funding of it.

      • Thank you! It is heartwarming to see a human response. Unfortunately we are living in a polarized time where the principals of the matter supersede the actual person involved!

  3. @Anonymous
    It is virtually impossible that overturning Roe v. Wade would affect such abortions. I don’t think anyone credible has argued that such abortions should be banned.
    For a state to ban abortions even when the mother’s life is in danger would basically be denying the mother’s right of self-defense. It would raise a host of other issues as well.

  4. I am saying that if Roe V Wade is overturned, no abortions can be done, including for health reasons. It is not an ‘only evil’ bill, there are potential concerns for a complete overturn.

  5. @ Young Lawyer – prior to Roe V Wade abortion was prohibited without exception in most of the US. Do your research.

  6. You are obviously a troll that has all the Democrat Party talking points down pat. That’s ok. Roe vs Wade WILL be overturned. It’s only a matter of time. All your scare tactics won’t help. The Dems/media always claim before an election: those evil white Republican racists will yank the food out of the mouths of young minority children. They will kick granny out of her nursing home. Who can forget the imagery of a poor black man being dragged along the street attached by a steel chain from the back of a white mans pickup truck? Their claim is, if a white Republican wins the election, all these evil things are going to happen. Well, DID ANYTHING LIKE THAT HAPPEN??? So anyway, keep trolling along. Thank God Trump is the President, he has the majority in Congress and he will not confer with you before he makes his decisions.

    • Wow !
      A whole paragraph. Calling everyone who disagrees trolls and not one word defending the abolishment of roe v wade or explaining why the other side is wrong.

      • You can’t expect anything more. This poster, who is well known here, is a mindless Hannity follower. He values da’as Hannity over da’as torah, is more concerned with the success if Trump than the success of what’s actually right. That’s why you will never catch him using actual intellectual arguments to defend his position, instead he will just talk about the evil Left. Yes, the left is evil, most of us know that. The difference is, we can actually articulate why they are evil, and in doing sonn we can articulate when the right is wrong

        • I only listen to Michael Savage, when I get a chance. Nonetheless, I think for myself. I’m not one of the sheeple. I have the right hashkafa.

  7. Abortion was n demand is murder. Rabbi Avigdor Miller ztl fought against abortions. When the Supreme Court will hopefully make it illegal, does not mean they take away state rights. This lady who needed an abortion when her life is in danger could find plenty of states like New York that would allow her. If a Orel does an abortion they are chayiv misa as if they committed murder to an adult unless the mothers life is in danger. It’s a serious sin. Also imagine if hillarey would be our president today all the yeshivas would close down like is happening in parts of Europe. She would already stack the Supreme Court with 6 to 3 liberal majority. Any Yeshiva not teaching evolution and alter life styles would be closed down. You think it’s a joke. And Israel would be walking on egg shells and have their hands tied by her closest friend the Arab Human,Anthony wieners ex. Trump 2020

    • I paraphrase – “We should make abortion illegal because it is murder but we don’t have to worry about the harm it will cause because there are states that will allow it “.
      This is comparable to letting NY ban Brit Milah because there are other states that will allow it.
      We went to war against the NY government when it was trying to pass a law against Brit Milah.
      If you believe abortion needs to be permitted, then you need fight against overturning Roe V Wade. More importantly, this shows that arguments about abortion being murder are not applicable here. You can believe that abortion is a big, big sin (be a frum Jew, a conservative and even a talmid of Rav Miller )and still want Roe v Wade to not be overturned since it is allowed and needed in certain cases.

    • Classic reply. The question is not if Hillary should be president. She definitely should not. The issue raised here was if Roe v. Wade would be overturned, would it result in the banning even of abortions that are mutar al pi halacha. The issue of abortion on demand was not either discussed, fair to say that all Matzav readers are aware of Halacha and are against that. Please, try to follow the conversation, and keep your posts pertinent. If you have information that would somehow suggest that overturning Roe v. Wade would not lead to problems for the times when needed, then let us know, provide your source, etc. But if every time someone agrees with the Hannity viewpoint you just go on an anti-left rant, you will never make your point clear. Most of the readers here are quite anti-left, they know all those things you are saying, and if you want to convince them of your point, you will have to actually respond to what they say, not just bash the left. .
      I think your closing remark “Trump 2020” shows how you cannot separate your blind allegiance to Trump from a simple discussion about the affects of Roe v. Wade on people who follow Halacha. It is actually an interesting topic, how we should approach this issue (are we more concerned with the elective abortions than we are with the few cases that are mutar, etc…), but a topic than can be discussed without any mention of Trump and Hillary

      • YOU provide proof that if Roe v Wade is overturned, every abortion including when the Mothers life is in danger, will be banned. Where are YOU getting such information? George Soros? Bill DeBlasio? You and your Torah hating friends keep throwing out that lie. It’s a total myth and a Democrat/media talking point.


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