Pence: Obama is the “Most Anti-Israel President in Modern History”


mike-pencePresident Obama is running the most anti-Israel White House in modern history, a member of the House GOP leadership charged today. House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (Ind.), a staunch ally of Israel, assailed Obama for his record on that country.”I believe the Obama administration is the most anti-Israel administration in the modern history of the state of Israel and our relationship with her,” Pence said during an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Pence, the third-ranking Republican in the House, has long been an outspoken advocate of Israel and helped author the Iran Sanctions Act this year in part to help Israel with battling the influence of nearby Iran and its pursuit of nuclear technology.

“I’ll be honest with you: I never thought I’d live to see the day that an American administration would denounce the Jewish state of Israel for rebuilding Jerusalem,” said Pence, a potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate. “But in the wake of the dispute over the construction of apartment buildings in a certain area of Jerusalem, we saw just that. And the American people are fed up with it.”

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    Things are just going to get worse-sadly-as Obama is Hashem’s Muslim/BNEI YISHMAEL agent for america. all a person needs to do is see whats happening in the past & see the Yad Hashem, why this is all happening. Hold yourselves in as he negotiates with terrorists, as the relationship between Israel & America is slowly separating etc… THIS IS ALL COMING STRAIGHT FROM HASHEM WAITING FOR KLAL YISROEL TO DO TESHUVA
    President Barack (Husaine) Obama is what we need for moshiach to come. You see before Moshiach comes the whole entire world -INCLUDING THE U.S.A.-is going to be against Israel & the jews. Now, you can’t just have President Bush & the United States go against Israel, you need a Muslim to rule America & THEN go against Israel. The way Judaism works is that if your mother is jewish then you are jewish. Muslims are just the opposite, if your father is Muslim then you are a Muslim & that is what Barack Obama is. (a Muslim from his fathers side) Now with America under Muslim/Bnei Yishmael rulership, Moshiach can come.

  2. Why is matsav insisting on reporting stories whose content is factually untrue.

    The obama admin did not denounce israel for building in Jerusalem. There was no mention of it until after a year of being kicked i in the teeth by Netanyahu – it was a benign reaction to the likud compared to what Reagan, HW Bush and Nixon and Henry Kissingers adminsitrations actually did that had ramifications on Jewish lives. Obama hasnt done a single thing to endanger Jewish lives as did those 4 before him. And yet, Obama Admin has been kicked in the teeth like previous likud admins did to Reagan and Bush.

    So what was until then ignored by the Obama admin had to receive blowback. Yet the bloback didnt involve Jewish lives.
    Even Peres had to leak to the press that the real function of ramot shlomo was not to just appease the arabs to get them to the table by stopping natural growth for 9 months, but to warn likud about pursuing plans to do what no other israeli admin did- build civilian housing in arab sections of east jerusalem.
    Peres said it then and then he said it in the last 2 weeks once again i.e. Ramot Shlomo was blowback leverage insuring bibi wouldnt repeat the error and the error of building in arab areas of EJ.
    ( 2nd: compromising the Admin in the world couldnt be tolerated….if israel can do this…what will putin get away with ? )

    Obama is true to his word that he is implemneting only what GW implemented — no natural growth. What a horrible president GW was to actually demand of israel no natural growth in the roadmap he wrote with Arabs while excluding israel from the table. And then Biush reiterated everything at annapolis as 10,000 rockets rained down on israel.

    Obama hasnt gone further except in people’s fantasies.

    Obama simply implemented – as payback for the humiliation, a short term stoppage of natural growth. And it didnt happen- 600 homes were built elsewhere with obama knowing all about it. Besides tha the likud publicly reiterated what was public knowledge– the obama request for 9 months was for getting the talks on- not a final settlement.

    However there is a huge memory hole and no one cares to think about obamas keepoing his pledge. I guess we can forgive Reagan HW bush Nixon and Kissinger becasue they were all white republicans. and despite Reagans 5 antisemites in his admin and HW Bush’s 7 antisemites in his admin, while obama has -0- antisemites in his admin but does have an israeli ias the number 2 most important person wit the most influence in the admin…i guess that doesnt matter.

  3. The good aspect of an anti EY president is that we are alerted to reality that we should not OVER rely on the US, AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR SECURITY ETC..thank you Husein Obama for making this clear -a black & white kind of clarity.

  4. Well George it looks like you’re a staunch ally of the current president (clearly visible in your response) but the truth is that Obama is a muslim and it’s definitely not in his interest to help the state of Israel. Quiet the opposite actually. Mike Pence was right in his statement!

  5. we all told you so any american that is anti- israel is not and american. this nguy was not born in this country and he is a muslim all muslims hate jews and israel they know the truth that o9nly the jews have a real claim to the eretz yisrael


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