Pence: ‘World Must Know We Stands With Israel’

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In his scintillating speech last night at the Republican National Convention, Mike Pence, the Indiana Governor selected by Trump as his running mate, expressed unstinting support for Israel.

Pence said that Trump“will confront radical Islamic terror at its source and destroy the enemies of our freedom.”

Pence remarked, “And if the world knows nothing else, it will know this: America stands with Israel.”

This remark received a rousing ovation.

Pence was one of a number of presidential hopefuls who visited Israel in late 2014 and early 2015



  1. Pence said that. And at almost the same time, Trump was telling the New York Times that the US does not necessarily stand with anyone.

  2. Leiv sarim umelachim beYad Hashem. But we must fulfill our responsibilities in Torah, Mitzvos, and Chesed in order to have the merit that Hashem will put in place in November and January the administration that will be the best for us, and not R”L the opposite.

  3. Elsewhere in the speech, Politifact found that Pence made three statements that were true, four that were half-true, three that were mostly false, and six that were false. Not a particularly good record but actually better than a typical Trump speech.

  4. Politi-lies is not the fount of truth. Check on your own its dismal past performance.

    Pence has been very close to and cooperative with the Orthodox Jewish communities in Indiana and recently signed a strong anti-BDS bill.

  5. Yup. Charlie, I can’t wait till we start fact checking your guy, Hillary Clinton. That will be very entertaining.


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