Pentagon Deployed Spy Drones Over U.S.

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The Pentagon deployed spy drones over the U.S. for non-military missions during the past decade, an inspector general’s report revealed Wednesday. According to the findings, the drone missions have happened fewer than 20 times in the past nine years and have always been in compliance with existing law.

Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union, said that while he’s relieved no legal violations were found, the rapidly changing technology is so advanced that relevant laws on the subject may require revision.
Read more at USA Today.


  1. The US armed forces have been used inside the US for non-military missions for decades – including the use of very sensitive national military means – completely legally. In fact – based on personal experience – sometimes these assets take priority for civilian missions over defense missions.

    Just because the ACLU is whining about future implications doesn’t make this story newsworthy.


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