Pentagon ‘Erroneously’ Retweets Call For Trump’s Resignation

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The Pentagon today quickly disavowed what it called a mistaken retweet from its official social media account of an activist’s call for President Donald Trump to step down.

A Twitter user identified as @proudresister, in referring to recent allegations of sexual misconduct, tweeted: “The solution is simple… Roy Moore: Step down from the race. Al Franken: Resign from congress.” The tweet concluded with “Donald Trump: Resign from the presidency. GOP: Stop making assault a partisan issue. It’s a crime as is your hypocrisy.”

Pentagon spokesman Col. Rob Manning issued a statement explaining that an “authorized operator” of the account “erroneously re-tweeted content that would not be endorsed by the Department of Defense.” Read more at POLITICO.




  1. They’re so full of it. The Pentagon is thee most corrupt government agency in America. The whole idea of ” the Pentagon was attacked by terrorists on 9/11″ is the biggest hoax perpetrated on the American people. They used the opportunity to destroy irreplaceable documents.

  2. Your so enlightened. Oh wow how marvelous that you a so privledged with such secret informarion!
    Shame on you for turning a national tradegy into a crackpot theory for you to get you anti establishment kicks from!


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