People Like Living In Bnei Brak


A survey publicized by the Israel Central Statistics Bureau reveals that 86.9 percent of Bnei Brak residents are satisfied with the city.

Kfar Saba came first with a 95.5 percent satisfaction index, and Yerushalayim, including the east side of the city, came last with 72.9 percent.

Taking all Israel’s 16 large towns into account, 56 percent of pollsters were satisfied with local cleanliness and 38 percent with public transport. Only 33 percent were bothered by air pollution.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. What a load of bolder dash.
    Do me a favor and not report something as ridiculous as this.
    I doubt you could string 3 people together who would agree with that survey.
    Streets Dirty
    Side walks fit for mountain goats.
    Roads have more pot holes an an teenager has pimples.
    Traffic infringements are so bad the cops have given up.
    Electric bikes Roydfim.
    Having said all of that life is great after all it is bnei brak and will get worse.

  2. BBYID, regardless of what you may think , outwardly expressing ill feelings about almost any place in Eretz Yisroel is frowned on by most if not all gedolim and poskim, not even the weather of EY -extreme as it may be at times- can be commented on disparagingly. Offering your two cents is simply not worth it. Sorry to rain on your meraglim parade!

    • My apologies for the abruptness of my comment.
      Its not a question of being negative – the facts are as they are.
      That we acknowledge pitfalls allows us to improve that we shev vealtaseh get us no where.
      It is not a disadvantage to look in the mirror every once in a while.


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