People Report Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms That Last For Months

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Since the first reported cases of the novel coronavirus, several support groups have emerged on Facebook consisting of thousands of members calling themselves “long haul survivors,” reporting COVID-19 symptoms that they say have lasted for months.

“Today is day 93,” said Amy Watson, a preschool teacher who lives in Portland, Oregon as she shared a photograph of her thermometer that read 100.3 on June 18. She first tested positive for COVID-19 on April 11, after falling ill with flu-like symptoms in mid-March.

In an interview regarding recent increases in coronavirus cases in the U.S., Dr. Tom Tsai, a surgeon and health policy researcher at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said he had not heard of stories like Amy’s, most likely because “we are still in the midst of it.”

“I don’t think we have enough clinical or medical data,” said Tsai. “I haven’t seen anything in the medical literature about the long-term consequences from COVID infections, and that is probably just because it’s only been six months since COVID reared its head.”

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  1. I’v had mild symptoms since before pesach and they never went away… still experiencing mild shortness of breath and after getting my sense of smell back strong smells are distorted

    • People in this report are simply brainwashed like they were brainwashed with fake news for decades. Coronavirus is not a sickness of its own. It’s connected to a sickness a person already has, like the flu, heart, obesity.

      Your mask might be causing the shortness of breath or you’re still in panic. You should take something to calm you down but don’t go to the hospital. Ask hatzallah for advice or your doctor.

  2. I have read some posts written by people who have strongly asserted that there is no such thing as Covid19. Others write that Covid19 is always connected to a previous illness or condition one already has. This is absolutely false.
    I am not coming to express my opinions as to whether the shutdowns were necessary or not. I am not giving my opinion as to whether wearing masks etc. is still necessary as of now. I am only coming to share my own experience.
    I was there. I contracted covid19. I tested positive for the virus and later for antibodies. I have no proof that the tests are not a CDC fraud. However, I, like most of mankind have been sick over the last several decades with all kinds of non-life-threatening viruses and illnesses. I have had the flu many times and had all kind of viral and bacterial respiratory illnesses. And I can tell you that what I had three months ago was not the flu. It was not pneumonia or bronchitis. It was a different illness than anything I have ever experienced. I know that the scientists and doctors do not understand this illness. They cannot tell you what it is. They may never be able to. But it exists. Maybe some of you had it and say it was a regular old illness or an extension of a different illness. Maybe what you had was just that. But what I had was something else. I may not be able to bring you a clear proof. However, I am wearing black shoes as I write this. If someone were to tell me that I am wrong and my shoes are brown, I would say “look for yourself, they are black”. If he would say “no, they are brown, prove they are black or else I won’t believe you”, I would not be able to prove that they are black. However, I don’t need any proof that they are black, because I see with my own eyes that they are black. It is the same with the illness I experienced. Call it Covid19, call it something else, but I experienced it. (Boruch Hashem I fully recovered within a similar timeframe as I have recovered from the flu in the past.)
    My father and mother also experienced an illness like nothing they ever had. I found out approximately six weeks after I recovered that my brother, who lives hundreds of miles away from me, had also been sick along with several members of his household. Recently I found out that at least 15 of my co-workers were also sick with a virus that was different than they ever had. At the time I had covid19, I didn’t know that my brother and my co-workers had also been sick. We did not compare notes. Many of the symptoms we had in those early days were not yet known and announced by the CDC. So it can’t be that we just followed the CDC’s script and imagined symptoms. My family and friends are ehrliche Yidden. They don’t lie. However, I cannot prove that to you. I cannot prove to you that I am not a liar. And I agree that nobody seems to understand what this sickness really is.
    I understand that the CDC lacks plenty of credibility. The WHO definitely cannot be believed. I also realize that there may be Rabbonim and ehrliche doctors who truthfully believe that corona does not exist. (I would really like to hear names of those Rabbanim and doctors. I would really like confirmation that there are more than a handful of them who really claim that there is no corona. For some reason I really am not so sure that they exist. But it could be that they do exist. I really have no way of knowing. If I could be given names and contact information I would truthfully appreciate it.) However, nothing can change my knowledge of what I personally experienced.
    People can call me a liar. They can insult me. They can accuse me of parroting the CDC. They can claim I am an ignorant fool and unintelligent. They can question my IQ level. They can call me a sheeple or anything else that makes them feel good. And they can rage at me all they want. But it makes no difference to me. For just as I know positively that my shoes are black, so too I know that I contracted and experienced an independent illness different than any other I have ever experienced before.
    Respectfully yours,
    Chaim A.

  3. A Yid writes that he is experiencing mild pain and you (Mr. “don’t fool yourself”) make fun of him. How terribly insensitive. Why is it that only corona-deniers talk and write so cruelly? Can it be that denying the existence of corona and being cruel are connected in some way? Just wondering aloud.

    • There’s no such thing as coronavirus, a sickness concocted in Oct 2019. A person who was sick with the common flu, a running nose, fever, pneumonia, bronchitis, diarrhea, heart attack and any other sickness is NOT coronavirus. The media is trying to fool idiots like you. Denying the existence of corona is trying to wake up the sleeping public with masked brains who believe the media blindly who are fooling themselves and making themselves sick by it. Look how many people became sick by staying locked up in their homes. Several honest doctors clearly stated that coronavirus is baloney.

      • This virus is known to affect people differently. I heard of someone I know who lost the use of his vocal chords and cannot use the right part of his body, his wife unable to work in order to be a full time nurse to her husband. People’s inner system have been messed up. People may be unaware of it for now, but time will tell. May Hashem spare us of all pain and disease and bring the Geulah now.

  4. Denier, please name those several honest doctors. Several thousand doctors say it does exist. Look at how the shuchan aruch paskens. Some people will deny anything in order to do what they want. Good thing you are Jewish. Otherwise you would quote several “honest scientists” who say creation is a hoax, and Darwinism is the truth. Shame on you name caller. Grow up and admit the obvious!


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