Pepsi Japan Introduces “Fat-Blocking” Soda


pepsi-fat-blocking-sodaSoda has recently been dragged through the mud as a main contributor to obesity. Who would have ever guessed it could possibly prevent weight gain? Well that’s exactly what a new special edition Pepsi in Japan purports. The new version claims to contain “fat blockers.”

The soft drink, named Pepsi Special, which will be released by Suntory and Pepsi, has been deemed by the Japanese government as a “food for specified health uses.” According to the Huffington Post, it includes dextrin, which “some say helps prevent the digestive system from absorbing fat.”

What’s dextrin? Essentially it’s a powder used as an additive in foods to change texture or to create coatings as a pharmaceutical thickening or binding agent. It is also used in textiles to increase the stiffness of fabrics. But you probably noticed it as part of another word, maltodextrin, which is a digestible carbohydrate derived from rice, corn, or potato starch and can be found in the list of ingredients in everything from granola to snack foods. But dextrin alone is different. It’s indigestible. And studies on Japanese lab rats have shown that when used as a food additive, dextrin makes it difficult for the body to absorb fat.

Pepsi is the second manufacturer to release a fat-blocking soda in Japan. The first was Kirin Mets Cola, which has been extremely popular. Pepsi Special is due to hit shelves on November 13 and will cost ¥150, or just under two bucks.

What do you think New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has worked hard to curb soda consumption in his city, will think of these fat-blocking sodas? Do you think the drink can really help curb weight gain?


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