Peres is Menachem Avel Mishpachas Elyashiv

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peres-menachem-avel-elyashiv-familyPresident Shimon Peres was one of a number of dignitaries to visit Mishpachas Elyashiv today to be menachem avel them following the petirah of Maran Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zt”l.

In a statement, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said, “In his rulings, Rav Elyashiv left a deep mark on the ultra-Orthodox world and on the entire people of Israel. The rov’s way was that of love of the Torah and love of man, humility and the protection of the sanctity of life.”

During his visit to the family, Peres was accompanied by Rav Shmuel Rabinovich, the rov of the Kosel.

Peres spoke of Rav Elyashiv’s humility, his desire for pure Torah learning, and his lack of need or desire for anything material. He remarked that our generation was uniquely blessed to have such a Torah great leading the Torah community.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. it is a charpah and a busha to show a leader of the state coming to be menachem ovel. and couldn’t put on a yarmulka on his head don’t show theese kind of pictures again ! ! ! thank you.

  2. Yehudy, you can’t see it. But there are pictures from other angles that I saw, and he was wearing a yarmulka. So don’t be so quick to judge (especially during the Three Weeks).

  3. Why is Peres so important. Why are we impressed? We are supposed to respect Torah and Yiddishkeit.

    Please stop giving importance to the secular world.

  4. #3, he was wearing a yarmulke, whats wrong with you. Not everyone is frum unfortunately. Treat your brethren with love and respect even if they are not religious. Shameful.

  5. #3. see the picture you chouid see that he is wering a yarmulka and its pashut that he whouid not chome to be menachem avel with out a yarmulka so next time think for a minete

  6. He was infact wearing a yarmulka, if you look at the picture it is more obvious. President Peres has always been respectfull of gedolim and always wears a yarmulka when visiting with the gedolim. I am surprised on how ill informed you are.

  7. Serious Rabboyasa, we are in the 9 days, and somebody can’t say something nice about another yid shouldn’t say anything. Yes this world isn’t the perfect place, and we as yidden need to respect another yid even if he isn’t shomer torah umitvos. We respect our cleaning lady better than another yid who doesn’t keep mitvos????/

  8. #3 You’re choshed biksherim. You owe him a bracha. On other sites his yarmulka is visible. Here it looks like it had fallen off.

  9. He came to perform a MITZVAH. He showed Kvod Talmidei Chachomim.
    What do you want from him? Let’s leave judgements to the Aybishter

    From Wikipedia:

    Peres’ grandfather, Rabbi Zvi Meltzer, a grandson of Rabbi Chaim Volozhin, had a great impact on his life. In an interview, Peres said: “As a child, I grew up in my grandfather’s home… I was educated by him… my grandfather taught me Talmud. It was not as easy as it sounds. My home was not an observant one. My parents were not Orthodox but I was Haredi. At one point, I heard my parents listening to the radio on the Sabbath and I smashed it.”[13] At the age of four, Peres was taken by his father to Radun’ to receive a blessing from Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan (The Chofetz Chaim).


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