Peres Meets Oldest Israelis, Including 112-Year-Old

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peres-oldest-peopleIsraeli President Shimon Peres met with many seniors on Thursday and thanked them for their efforts and dedication to the state of Israel. The Presidential Tribute gathering was held for citizens one hundred years old or older. Among those who attended the event was the oldest person in Israel, a 112-year-old.

President Peres and Minister Leah Nass thanked the seniors who participated in the event.

“It is our duty to provide for veterans their rightful place in society, to learn from their experiences of many years and allow them to have a life full of activity and satisfaction,” said Nass.

According to data from the government, Israel is home to approximately 804,000 senior citizens aged 65 and over, constituting about 10% of the population. The proportion of those aged 65 and over is higher than the proportions of the population in much of the world, including Asia, Africa and Latin America. According to projections, by 2035, this population in Israel will double itself, becoming about 14.6% of Israel’s population, numbering about 1.66 million people.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. may we all learn now-when we are still young-to appreciate every hour & moment of life & not take it for granted. Every hour & minute is another gezeira from Hashem you should live another hour.

    if we do this, then we can show Hashem our appreciation for EVERYTHING Hashem gives us & nevers stops Hodu L’hashem….


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