Peres to Gazans: You’re Playing with Fire

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peresPresident Shimon Peres had a stern warning for the residents of Gaza this evening, in the wake of the latest escalation in terror attacks from that region.

“You are playing with fire,” he told Gazans, after a fatal shooting of a civilian IDF worker by terrorist snipers.

“If Gaza wants quiet then they should act accordingly and if not then it will bear the results,” added Peres.

“Gaza is not under any occupation. If they think the world will continue to support them while they create more victims then they are wrong. We will guarantee our security,” he stressed. Read more here.

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  1. Why not release more killers as a good will gesture? Certainly they’ll stop the teror if we give back their imprisoned killers! No?

    Maybe we ought show Iran what we’ll do to them. Do a practical practice run!


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