Perez Fires At Trump: I’ll Be Your Worst Nightmare

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Tom Perez fired back at President Donald Trump after the president offered the newly elected Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman a mock-congratulatory tweet, The Hill reports.

“Call me Tom. And don’t get too happy,” tweeted Perez, the former Labor secretary during the Obama administration. Perez added that Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), his primary rival for the DNC position that he appointed his deputy, would join other Democrats in being Trump’s “worst nightmare.”

The response came after Trump tweeted that he “could not be happier” for Perez – or the Republican Party – following the former Labor secretary’s election to lead the Democratic Party.



  1. Yup! The Democrats will, indeed, become Trump’s AND the country’s “worst nightmare,” as they employ every tactic from their PC fascist playbook to destroy the Republic. They are apoplectic over their ejection from power at every governmental level, local, state and national. Don’t be surprised if, when push comes to shove, the alt-left fascists among them (egged on by Keith Ellison and his fellow travelers) use every means possible to subvert the Constitution and try to take back power by force.

  2. Do I detect a little touch of shrillness in Mr. Perez’s tweet? Or is it fear? It’s certainly not maturity.

    Bring it on, Dems, you are doomed to the dustbin of history.


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