Permitted Stores to Buy Chometz from After Pesach


cakeThe following is a list of stores where chometz may be purchased after Pesach. The stores have been approved by the Star-K and the vaadim in Denver and Detroit:

•National Stores
◦Family Dollar Stores
◦Food Lion
◦Royal Farms
◦Sam’s Discount Warehouse
◦Shoppers Food Warehouse
◦Stop & Shop
◦Trader Joe’s
◦Whole Foods

Stores in Baltimore, MD

◦A-Z Savings
◦Dugan’s Liquor
◦Dunkin Donuts (1508 & 7000 Reisterstown Road)
◦7-Eleven (Fords Ln, Hooks Ln, Old Ct Rd, Reisterstown Rd north of Slade Ave)
◦Savings Center (4003 Seven Mile Lane)
◦Seven Mile Market
◦Village Liquors

Stores in Denver

◦Auerbach’s Kosher Foods
◦Bonnie Brae Ice Cream
◦Crystal Kosher Cuts
◦Dining with Finesse
◦East Side Kosher Deli
◦Grapevine Wines and Liquor
◦Hammond’s Candies
◦King Soopers
◦Millenson Catering
◦Mont Blanc Gourmet Hot Cocoa
◦Occasions by Sandy
◦Old Fashioned Bavarian Bakery
◦Robinson Dairy
◦Rocky Mountain Foods
◦Rocky Mountain National Laboratories
◦Rocky Mountain Spice
◦Shalom Park
◦Singer Catering
◦Sweets Candy
◦The Bagel Store
◦The Liege Waffle Factory
◦Udi’s Granola

Stores in Detroit

◦All COR certified establishments
◦Farm Fresh
◦GFS (Gordon Food Service)
◦One Stop Kosher Market
◦Save-A-Lot 11 & Greenfield and 9 & Woodward

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  1. Are all Walmart stores OK to buy from, or just the one at the aforementioned location? If somebody knows for sure about the Walmarts in Chicago, please share the info.

  2. “Does anyone know if Publix stores are ok to buy from?”

    If it’s not on the list it is probably not permitted.

  3. Dear 100021:
    Your words are as clear and bubbly as the copious amounts of Be’er Mayim Chaim seltzer I drank over Pesach.
    However, I would like to point out one tiny error in your beautifully and well thought out thesis:
    In fact, it is permissible to purchase chometz items from Publix stores after Pesach.

  4. You posted both stop and shop and shaws.
    However, did not see either of those on any of the lists you provided. Do you have an alternate source?

  5. as per star-k – they are still researching whole foods. one should avoid purchasing chametz sheavar alav until they have confirmed.

  6. As per Star-k yesterday (4/19) one may not
    buy chometz from Whole Foods after Pesach
    this year as it is definitely problematic.


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