Perry: I Love Israel “With All My Heart”

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Georgetown, S.C., Jan. 14 – During a main street walk in Georgetown, S.C., a woman approached Gov. Rick Perry with a question she considers very important to her: “Do you love Israel?”

Perry responded, “Yes, I do, with all my heart.”

And that was what it took for Georgetown, S.C., resident Linda Harper to put her support behind Rick Perry in South Carolina’s upcoming primary scheduled for Jan. 21.

“I feel that Rick Perry is the most pro-Israel,” Harper said after speaking with the former Texas governor at the Augustus Caroline Fine Furnishings and Antiques store. She said she was impressed that her question did not catch him off-guard and he immediately affirmed his support for Israel.

“Then later he took pictures of me with the Jerusalem flag, twice,” Harper continued. “I feel that if a candidate is willing to take a picture for the world to see with Jerusalem, that it’s not just words, that he’s really truly serious because he’s taking that stand.”

After the main street walk where he interacted one-on-one with many of the more than 40 voters who joined Perry for the walk through several of the stores on Front Street, Perry gave an interview to the Savage Report where he talked about his policy regarding Iran.

Asked about Iran, Perry pledged to be more proactive. “Iranians need to understand we’re serious,” Perry said. “I called for sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran two months ago at one of the debates. They finally have agreed to put these sanctions in. There’s a lengthy period of time. I would do it now.”

Perry also called for the American government to support Iranian people revolting against their own government. According to Perry, if sanctions on the CBI were established today, “it may cause the people of Iran to again consider a revolution from inside.”

Calling the Green Revolution in the summer of 2009 a missed opportunity, Perry posed a question on what if the U.S. government had done more to support the revolution, we might be in a different situation now. “Who knows what Iran might look like if we would have assisted them in ’09,” Perry asked. “And here we are almost three years later with them closer and closer to having a nuclear weapon and would wipe Israel off the face of the earth.”

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  1. I don’t understand the cynical commenters here. Would they rather the Governor said publicly the opposite?

    Hashem (G-d) will judge the sincerity of the Governor, as with other humans, but meanwhile, we should be grateful for such expressions, or at the least, refrain from such overt expressions of cynicism.


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