Person Taken Into Custody After Attempting To Jump White House Pedestrian Barrier

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An individual was taken into custody Sunday after attempting to jump the barrier along the north side of the White House, the U.S. Secret Service said.

The agency tweeted about 8 a.m. that someone had attempted to jump the bike rack barrier along Pennsylvania Avenue, briefly closing the area to pedestrian traffic. The stretch reopened a short while later.

President Donald Trump was inside The White House at the time.

The Secret Service did not immediately respond to questions about the individual’s identity or motive.

The incident came a little over a month after a Kentucky man dressed as Pokémon character Pikachu jumped over a concrete barrier outside the residence and was quickly apprehended, according to the Secret Service.

In an incident similar to Sunday’s, a person was arrested in March after jumping the bike rack barrier near the White House’s north entrance. The Secret Service said that individual was “immediately apprehended” before reaching the White House fence. A woman tried to climb over the bike rack barrier in April, but was quickly apprehended and charged with unlawful entry, according to the Secret Service.

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    • Don’t let the facts get in your way of your Trump hatred:

      1. September 19, 2014 – Omar Gonzalez, 2014 White House intrusion jumped the fence from the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House and entered through the North Portico doors. Upon entering he overpowered a Secret Service officer and ran through most of the main floor before he was tackled by a counter-assault agent
      2. June 9, 2009 – Pamela Morgan, jumped the fence onto the northeast corner of the grounds while carrying a backpack. Morgan was arrested immediately and her backpack later searched and found to contain nothing dangerous.
      3. March 30, 2014 – Unidentified male, caught and arrested after climbing over the fence.
      4. August 7, 2014 – An unknown toddler squeezed through the fence, and was returned to his parents.
      5. September 11, 2014 – Jeffrey Grossman, 26, of Rensselaer, New York, scaled the fence and entered the North Lawn while carrying Pikachu doll and wearing a Pikachu hat; he was apprehended by Secret Service agents. Grossman did not intend to inflict harm; he suffered from schizophrenia. After being arrested, he was taken to George Washington University Hospital for mental health observation.
      6. October 22, 2014 – Dominic Adesanya, formerly of Bel Air, Maryland, jumped the fence onto the north lawn and was quickly taken down by two security dogs while punching and kicking them before being arrested by the Secret Service. He was later ordered by a judge to a mental health facility. Adesanya, who had twice jumped the White House fence in July 2014, pleaded guilty in April 2015 to entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds and was sentenced in July 2015 to time served and one year of supervised release. Adesanya’s lawyer said that he suffered from schizophrenia.
      7. November 26, 2015 – Joseph Anthony Caputo, 22, of Stamford, Connecticut, was arrested by Secret Service agents almost immediately after jumping over a White House fence as the first family was inside celebrating Thanksgiving. Caputo had left a suicide note and will and apparently had intended to die. In a plea agreement with prosecutors, Caputo pleaded guilty to one federal misdemeanor count of illegal entry of restricted grounds in a deal with prosecutor and was sentenced to three years’ probation with various conditions.


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