Pesach Alert: Pretzel Found in Bag of Potato Chips


glicks-potato-chips[Update below.] First report: According to several sources, a pretzel was found in a bag of kosher l’Pesach Glick’s potato chips. One alert that was sent out stated that “After verification, the chips were packed in a packing plant that packs pretzels as well.”

 However, sources tell that this is not accurate, and that the facility does not regularly produce or package pretzels. In any case, consumers are urged to check the contents of their snack bags before consuming them.

Glicks is produced under the supervision of KAJ (Khal Adath Jeshurun) and CRC (Hisachdus Harabbonim).

A gutten moed.

Update: Rabbi Moshe Elefant of the Orthodox Union has issued a joint statement with Rabbi Avrohom Tzvi Glick of Monsey, clarifying that Glick’s Potato Chips are kosher lemehadrin for Pesach and can be consumed without any concern.

The plant used to manufacture Glick’s Potato Chips for Pesach is exclusively used for the production of potato chips year-round. On rare occasions, the plant packages pretzels. The OU has implemented the procedures employed at the plant and us satisfied that the entire manufacturing process of Glick’s Potato Chips for Pesach. It is consistent with the highest standards of kashrus.

The Glick’s Pesach production at the plant was supervised by a mashigiach temidi familiar with all aspects of the plant. There was no packaging of pretzels for more than a week prior to the Pesach production and the entire packing line was properly dismantled and thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the special Pesach run. 

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. I’m sorry but this story is weird! HOW WOULD ANYONE KNOW if a pretzel was found? Did this person call the crc and the crc released such a statement? If such a thing happened I imagine the statement wouldn’t be pretzel found in bag. It would be something like chsash chometz with these potato chips!

  2. the company that produced the Glicks Chumetz Chips is called Mitchum, and is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Besides producing potato chips under their brand name, they also package other snacks, including pretzels, under private labels.

    Please visit the following link to the notorious MacRaes Blue Book, to get more information on Mitchum and their operations. (Note that besides potato chips, they pachage various types of snacks, including pretzels and party mixes)

    Their official website:

  3. So was the original report of a chumitzdik pretzel in a Kosher L’Pesach certified bag of potato chips accurate or not??

  4. See. It’s worth getting ripped off for “kosher lepesach” products, knowing that the kashrus is so much better & stricter.

  5. Perhaps it wasn’t a pretzel at all. Maybe it was a kosher l’pesach chow mein noodle, which could resemble a pretzel to the uninitiated.

  6. So now every time a person has an issue with a company all he’s gotta do is say he found something in the bag? And besides the OU and rRabbi Glick seemed to have taken the proper precautions. To me if you trust them which I do the issue is now a closed case.


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