Pesach Hotel Cancels Program Week Before Yom Tov

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pesachA Pesach hotel in New Jersey has just announced the cancellation of its program, leaving some 200 people scrambling to make last-minute arrangements one week before Pesach, has learned.

In addition, sources indicate that many hotels have seen a 25 percent decrease in reservations compared to previous years, by conservative estimates.

The uncertain economy has seemed to play a primary role in the reduction in hotel reservations, while local stores in Jewish communities surely welcome the increase in business from those who will be staying home instead of traveling to a hotel.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. I would be happy to have a family come to me for Yom Tov. I’m staying home this year -as my in laws ARE going to a hotel and I have plenty of room in my heart and house and so please come to us for YT.

  2. If all the other hotels had a 25% decrease in reservations, all those 200 people can easily find places in other hotels!!!

  3. We don’t have a right to gloat over anyone’s pain.

    (Disclaimer: I’ve never attended a hotel for Pesach. I’m just preempting expected comments…)

  4. perhaps it may be useful to the readers to disclose the name of the hotel
    a) the readership may consider doing future business with the parties and may find this information relevant
    b) the readership may be directly affected by this information and may not have been informed by the hotel
    But, again, I’m no expert

  5. Which hotel is this? I have relatives coming from out of town to a place in Sommerset NJ. Is that the one?! Don’t leave us hanging! If you make a report, finish it!

  6. We are running a Program in Somerset, NJ. It is the La Quinta Inn and our program is called Pesach For Less. WE ARE OPENING! We will be happy to accommodate any people who are stranded. – The Tenenbaums 877-932-2855

  7. I’d go to a hotel, except that none of them serve gebrokts.

    Pesach just is not Pesach without Bubby’s farfel muffins, Matzoh Brei, or matzoh balls in the soup.

  8. If you weren’t called on Friday (when the calls went out) your hotel is NOT the one.
    Stam to yenta is idiotic.
    By the way, any hotels that have openings after Purim charge FULL price. No Deals. They figure those calling so late are stuck so they get their price or else.
    (Speaking from experience)

  9. Sounds to me like a April Fools Joke. So don’t panic. But it was so nice of some yid to open their house to some of these people. Yasher Koach!!

  10. This is not a joke! There are hard working Mashgichim who were relying on this for their Parnasah! As far as the greedy owners, that’s a different story.

  11. Expatriate Owl- There are hotels that are gebrokts such as the Hudson Valley Resort. Now that you know that i expect that you will be going there?

  12. #14 I can only do family on Pesach if I do it at a hotel, no room for family in the regular home and no eruv in community for the grands and nieces and nephews that is why a HOTEL WORKS FOR US.

  13. Comment from Expatriate Owl
    Time April 1, 2012 at 11:53 AM

    I’d go to a hotel, except that none of them serve gebrokts.

    Pesach just is not Pesach without Bubby’s farfel muffins, Matzoh Brei, or matzoh balls in the soup

    So stay at home and make “Bubby’s farfel muffins, Matzoh Brei, or matzoh balls in the soup” yourself. Don’t be so lazy!

  14. There’s a program in Lancastar that is catered by Greenwald in Lakewood, his food which is non gebroks is as good if not better than any gebrokts hotel any day of the week. I think they are sold out though

  15. that’s insane! I would go nuts if i would be left a week before pesach with no plans. at least there’s no shortage of other hotels!

  16. I feel bad for all the people left with no plans, but as #28 said, the mashgichim are the real victims here.
    People can find other places to stay, but finding another job isn’t easy.

  17. I was supposed to be a guest at this program and the organizers of the program were very helpful in placing us and others at other pesach programs like the Meisners Hotel in NJ. They also made a deal with Katz and other pesach hotels in the area, from what I hear one of the reasons they canceled was That Kitchen equipment at the Berkeley wasn’t being maintained by the Hotel like refrigerators that weren’t working well or other equipment- and going ahead with the program may have been devastating if as a result food poisoning would have occurred, the owners of the program made the right decision and treated us and everyone else that we know with the utmost dignity and caring they also arranged the same exact deals that we by them also at the other programs even though some of them charged more_I would definitely consider going with them again_they were very honest and menchlich people to deal with, my friend even got a full refund and was paid to the last penny when he decided instead to remain home.


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