Pesach Hotel Programs Return to Pre-Recession Levels


pesachSeveral organizers of Pesach hotel programs say that their occupancy rate for Pesach this year returned to pre-recession levels. Hotels that were 10% – 15% off the pre-recession last year say they sold the additional rooms.

Some attributed the good news to a better economic climate, while others pointed to the late date for the Yom Tov, which encouraged people to enjoy resorts with expected good weather.

Sources say that an estimated 22,000 vacationers are spending the Yom Tov in major hotels. Food distributors also confirmed a better Pesach season for the Pesach program operators. One operator said: “For me the good news was that there was less bargaining, which is always a good sign.”

{KosherToday/ Newscenter}


  1. This is perversion. People are hurting as well as yeshivos , but somehow these people have thousands to splurge on this. Perhaps all of these people should give $100 / person for tomche shabboss and spread the wealth.

  2. As someone who used to go to these programs and now does not go because i cannot afford it anymore i think CHAIM36 is way out of line. If people have money let them spend it at Jewish programs so jews who own the programs and work at the programs can make money as well. Something tells me CHAIM36 is a bit jealous.

  3. 1 – The prices of Kosher L’Pesach food
    2 – The gaaivadicke one-upping the Ploni’s on how much the baala ha Bais should clean for pesach
    3- The running around crazy shopping and cooking until she drops
    4 – The push to invite everybody in the world to sedarim
    5 – The push to serve 18 courses of food so as to not be seen as a poor host

    no WONDER more people are: 1) saving the money spent on feeding “100” people expensive food that has been jacked up in prices by unscrupulous JEWISH food makers and processors, 2) saving the “money” of time, energy, effort, and tsuris of cleaning and cooking; saying “Dayeinu! – We’re going to Florida for Pesach!”

  4. It bothers you that people are spending
    on things they feel a need for? They give their
    Tzedakah. Many people going to hotels for Pesach
    are not able to prepare at home. For them it is
    a necessity.

  5. I went away to a hotel one year for Pesach. Now I appreciate staying home so much more! I don’t feel like I have to stuff myself with food-I’m not paying $50-70 per meal per person like I was at a hotel.
    I spend about $800 now on food and paper goods for Pesach ( for 4 people plus guests at various times), but I usually have more than half of the food and meat left after the holiday to use during the year. Since I feel that there is something wrong with a holiday that anyone who can afford to, runs away, I actually simplify things for Pesach- disposable (“paper”) plates, cups and baking tins, convenience foods, simple meals etc. I have only the bare necessities for dishes and pots- about 7 boxes worth so even packing up after Pesach can be done in a few hours.
    I don’t try to make the holiday fancy-I don’t polish my silver, I use the Passover dishes straight from the boxes- I do not empty Chometz cabinets to make room for the passover items .I don’t worry about what others think of my housekeeping skills-I have a limited amount of energy and rather than be cranky, I just keep things simple.
    If you are wondering how I will marry off my three daughters with a house like mine, don’t worry- one is married, one is engaged and one is to young…And I am glad I have taught my kids, cut your corners where you need to…


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