Pesach Seder at Obama White House Uses Maxwell House Haggadah


pesach-seder-white-housePresident Obama and First Lady Michelle hosted their third Pesach seder at the White House on Monday with the meal featuring a traditional menu of brisket, kugel and matzoh balls. As in the two previous seders, the White House used the Maxwell House Haggadah, published by the coffee makerThe guests at the White House seder included Obama daughters Malia and Sasha plus a group of Obama 2008 campaign staffers who found themselves in Harrisbug, Pennsylvania on Pesach 2008. Led by Eric Lesser, now with the White House Council of Economic Advisors, they scrambled and put together a seder, invited then Sen. Obama and created a tradition that continues to this day. “Each year since, President and Mrs. Obama have hosted a Seder at the White House including those who were there, plus others staffers and family,” the White House said.

The food was kosher style but not kosher and most of the cooking was done by the White House kitchen, with some family recipes from staffers for: chicken soup with matzoh balls, braised beef brisket, potato kugel, carrot soufflé, and matzoh chocolate cake. The White House web page is featuring recipes from eight U.S. Jewish chefs. Chicago’s Gail Gand, Pastry Chef of Tru, contributed her Pesach Lemon Sponge Cake with Strawberries recipe.

{Sun-Times/ Newscenter}


  1. People think a seder is a meal,but, the most important part is relating about yetzias mitzrayim. It is totally irrelevant to Obama and his henchmen in the White house

  2. The Maxwell House haggada itself has become a joke with its new reformed egalitarian translation they put out this year.


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