Pesichah Purchased for Rav Wosner for $40,000

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rav-shmuel-wosnerThousands participated in the Yom Kippur davening at Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin in Bnei Brak, led by Rav Shmuel Halevi Wosner, who, despite his weakness, took part in all the tefillos.

After Maariv on leil Yom Kippur, Rav Wosner led the mispallelim in reciting L’Dovid Mizmor posuk by posuk.

Yom Kippur morning, American businessman and askan Dovid Katz, who traveled to spend Yom Kippur with his rebbi, Rav Wosner, purchased pesichah for Shacharis for Rav Wosner for 150,000 shekel, or approximately $40,000.

Maftir Yonah at Chachmei Lublin was purchased for 11,000 shekel.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Pshicha for Ni’ela went for $700 in our Shul. A sign of the times. What do you do when a wise guy pledges a huge amount for one of the Kibudim and then doesn’t pay up? The Shul/Mosad suffers the loss. If you know the guy can’t afford what he’s bidding, he should be ignored. You can’t worry about “hurting” his “feelings”.

  2. Someone who was there told me that there’s more to the story, he bid 150k when it was going for 120k which is a big jump, not knowing how much each ‘k’ represents. (in many kehilos 1k doesnt mean 1000 it may mean for instance 10.00).
    He does have a sense of humor, so his pretending to have made a mistake could be another joke.


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