Pew Survey: Twice As Many Americans Blame Hamas Over Israel For Conflict

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hamas-propagandaA new Pew Research Center survey conducted July 24-27 among 1,005 U.S. adults shows that about twice as many Americans blame the terrorist group Hamas (40 percent) as opposed to Israel (19 percent) for the current conflict in Gaza.

Twenty-five percent of those surveyed believe that Israel’s reaction to Hamas terrorism has been disproportionate, and 35 percent believe the Jewish state’s response has been correct. Fifteen percent believe that Israel should respond more forcefully.

Across the political spectrum, 60 percent of Republicans surveyed blame Hamas for the current violence. Among surveyed Democrats, opinions are more divided. Twenty-nine percent of Democrats surveyed say Hamas is more to blame, while 26 percent blame Israel more. Eighteen percent of Democrats polled blame both sides equally.

The study echoes the findings of a different Pew survey conducted earlier this month, which showed that nearly 73 percent of Republicans sympathize more with Israel than the Palestinians, compared with 44 percent of Democrats.




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