Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Volunteer Describes Side Effects

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A Pfizer coronavirus vaccine volunteer in Austin, Texas, Glenn DeShields, told “Fox & Friends” about his experience in the clinical trial, urging others to “get it as soon as you can.”
The company reported that its vaccine has been found to be 90% effective against COVID-19 with more than 43,000 people being tested around the world.
“Basically, I had a headache and a lot of fatigue, injection site pain … maybe three to four days,” he said. “The second one, it was similar but it was much more muted. It wasn’t as strong. I think I took some Advil and they basically cleared up.”
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  1. I am very pro vaccines in general, but this thing hasn’t been properly tested; and I have no desire to become a human guinea pig. If you are not in the Covid19 mortality risk group and you are foolish enough to take this untested vaccine because Fauci said so, and you happen to suffer the whatever consequences chas vesholom, don’t feel bad – it may just be a way to clear the gene pool. Historically, it used to be that fools had worse survival chances, but it is the opposite in the modern society. So, if you are a fool, it just may be for the best. Airtight masks made out of High Density Polyethylene are effective too.

  2. Why the coronavirus vaccine if coronavirus will not be around for much longer as Fauci said just 2 reports above?

  3. Many other test people in these trials though had, Lo Alaynu, far, far worse reactions to these new Covid vaccines. As the first comment here points out, these new Covid vaccines WERE NOT properly tested. DO NOT TAKE THEM!!!!!!


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