Pharmacist Who Sabotaged COVID-19 Vaccines Gets Three Years In Prison

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The former Wisconsin pharmacist who intentionally tried to spoil hundreds of COVID-19 doses late last year has been sentenced to three years in prison, according to local WTMJ.

Steven Brandenburg in January pleaded guilty to two counts of attempting to tamper with consumer products with reckless disregard, according to the Department of Justice.

Brandenburg was fired from the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wisc. in December after he admitted to intentionally removing more than 50 vials of Moderna vaccine from the hospital’s freezer for several hours on two consecutive nights. The move is estimated to have ruined more than 500 doses of the vaccine.

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  1. Law Enforcement in NY also did that when they confiscated 1,700 doses at PharmaCare way back at the beginning of the vaccine period.

  2. Three years for a nonviolent property damage(this did not endanger the recipients as he admitted to his act before the vaccines were administered – as his intent was to destroy the vaccine, not to hurt the customers), worth about 50k. While the violent blm-antifa terrorists who killed, maimed, burned, and caused billions in damage are not prosecuted. The American justice system is a sad joke.

  3. He’ll probably be released as soon as President Trump will officially be back and the truth about the poisonous jab will be publicized.

    • Please be Mispallel that, that, along with Be’as HaMoshiach and the whole Geula, happen very, very soon!!


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