Philadelphia Gun Store Owner Allegedly Kills Potential Looter

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A Philadelphia gun store owner allegedly killed a potential looter early Tuesday, police said.

The owner of Firing Line Inc. in South Philadelphia told police he was inside his store when four men entered after smashing the glass of the door at about 4:13 a.m.

The 67-year-old owner, whose name was not released by police, confronted the men after they ran up the stairs and discharged his Bushmaster M4 rifle, “fatally wounding one offender,” the Philadelphia Police Department said in a statement.

“One of the individuals that broke into the property, pointed a handgun at him,” Chief Inspector Scott Smalls told Fox 29. “And that’s when the store owner fired his own weapon — striking the one perpetrator at least one time in the head and he collapsed, dropping his gun between his legs.”

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  1. The owner should be hailed as a hero. The police are not being allowed to protect those who pay taxes for their own protection. Give the man a trophy for standing up for himself and his livelihood. Haba b’machteres hashkeim v’hargo!!

  2. Was he blank or white?
    למאי נפקא מינה?
    If there will be more riots, protests, looting, killing police (as philly is known for) etc.

  3. There is no question, the left wing liberal Mayor will have this owner arrested. It’s only a matter of time. One is not allowed to defend themselves. Just ask the mosrim.

  4. President Trump shall be inviting you his 1st State of the Union Address of his 2nd term. Hopefully with a Republican House-speaker who doesn’t rip up his speech.


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