Phone Used By Hitler to Order Millions of Deaths Up for Sale Today

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It may seem like an old phone with chipped red paint, but it’s known as the “death phone” for a reason. And now, it’s going up for auction, where it may fetch over half a million bucks, Esquire reports.

Adolf Hitler’s phone was used to order the deaths of millions of Jewish people during the Holocaust, and it was recovered from Hitler’s bunker in Berlin shortly after he committed suicide. The phone is engraved with a swastika, as well as Hitler’s name.

Brigadier Sir Ralph Rayner, a British officer, recovered the phone in the Fuhrer’s Berlin bunker, shortly after Hitler and wife Eva Braun committed suicide as Russian forces approached in April 1945.

“I remember him returning from Germany with Hitler’s ‘hotline’ red telephone hidden in his suitcase,” said Rayner’s son Ranulf, who was gifted the phone before his father, who went on to become a member of Parliament, died in 1977. “Apart from proudly showing these two war trophies to his immediate family on his return, he didn’t mention them again for many years.”

The phone, which is being auctioned off today by Alexander Historical Auctions in Chesapeake City, Maryland, is just as important during this political climate as it was then.


  1. Why in the world are you publishing this!!! If you want to remind us about the Kedoshim
    you can Tell us To say Tehillim for Them -but why give any recognition whatsoever to
    Yemach Semo. Is your news editor already in the Ad Lo Yadah Mode?

  2. Did Hitler Ym”s really commit suicide? Were there any witnesses to that? Why is that myth still being perpetrated?

    • Multiple witnesses that were in the bunker, as well as people who saw the bodies being burned. That is history. Maybe you shouldnt rewrite it.

  3. I think with 99.9% of matzavs’ readership and I’m sure matzav staff included too are survivors of ym”s unspeakable genocide. This news article and the many other news articles relating to ym”s, are an insult to Judaism. You’re adding salt to open wounds and does not have any place on a Jewish site. Unless you change your name to some multi national news site name. Some news articles you air out here really doesn’t belong on a Jewish site. Like the one above.

  4. i think it’s a disgrace and disrespectable for anyone to profit from an item that once belonged to a mass murderer on the level of hitler, YMSH. at the very least, the money gotten should be distributed among the survivors. if the seller ends up ‘laughing all the way to the bank’, he can be assured that no siman bracha will come from that sale.

  5. I’d like to buy it, then burn it and scatter the ashes over the sea…no, why contaminate the water? Send it to outer space.

  6. Shouldn’t something like that be in a museum? For people to see with their own eyes the instrument of death? We all know who will buy his phone if it’s up for sale to the public, some neo-nazi, who will treasure it. Why not send it to a museum?

  7. How do we know that it’s the real thing and who would want to own something so terrible ?

    Would they buy a sword used by the crusades?


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