Photo: 3 Years Later, Man Receives Payment for Fender-Bender from Anonymous Yid

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David, a resident of Kiryat Malachi, was surprised this past week to find an anonymous letter in his mailbox, with only his family name on it.

When he opened the envelope, he was confused to find bills totaling ₪ 1500 and a brief note that read: “Three years ago, I banged into your car. At the time, I had serious financial problems, was struggling with my income, and could not afford to pay you as I should have. I would like to express my regret and apologize for causing you distress. I beg your forgiveness. Enclosed is money that I hope will be enough to make up for the distress I have caused you. Again, I hope you will forgive me. ”

David was very touched by the gesture of the unknown individual, but he is seeking the sender, because he wants to return the 1500 shekels.

He explained: “I had completely forgotten about the incident. Also, the vehicle belonged to a public company where he worked, which took care of the accident damage thanks to its insurance, so I do not deserve the money and wish to give it back.

“If this unknown person does not come back to get his money, I will donate it to an organization or to the needy.”

David Steger – Israel News Bureau


  1. This is cute. The jewish obligation to be kosher completely honest is a tribute to Hashem. He should give the money to charity and add 5% more. It would make him himself the right fear of Hashem and not just “off the hook” of a crazy seeming guilt. But kosher it is.



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