Photo: At the Democratic National Convention: “All-Gender Bathroom”

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  1. Vote these democratic perverts. Soon yeshivas will have to teach same gender agendas or face closures. Yes some people are busy supporting these liberals who seek to turn our society to atheism.

      • Here you go again Charlie,

        Another DNC attack comment. Are you paid by the DNC for all your left wing stupid comments?

  2. Suggestion to the Democratic Party Convention’s Chief Janitor: elsewhere in the world, the signs says “Toilet” or “WC” and this is enough.

  3. The Hartford Civic Center has had all-gender bathrooms for decades. Nothing to do wtih politics, it is just that there weren’t enough restrooms for women.

    • Yes Charlie, they chose to do this due to a shortage of restrooms for women. The DemocRATs who now run our country (Not for long B’EH) has no right to force this perversion on the rest of us who would like a little tznius.

  4. mr charlie hall please be specific on what trump doesnt stand for that is against the torah ,is he devisive like korach for calling it radical islam or caring about our countries lives & being oiver on lo saamod al dam raecha & blocking syrian refugees

  5. Charlie,
    Your dishonest comment shows that you have been totally taken over by the power of the soton. You and I know that that is not the case here. Once you are open to dishonesty it’s a different world. All your arguments supporting secular liberal philosophies are no longer trustworthy.


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