Photo: Brooklyn Family Constructs Scaffolding to Support Their Sukkah

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  1. Very interesting picture. I’m curious about the following details:
    1) Is that one big sukkah, with the right part on the fire escape and the left part on the scaffolding?
    2) Which parts of the sukkah(s) are kosher? There seems to be a fire escape above the roofs of both parts of the sukkah.
    3) If it is one large sukkah, was the fire escape fence between the two parts removed?
    4) If it’s two separate sukkos, how is the one on the left accessed?
    5) Who put up the scaffolding? How is the sukkah secured to the scaffolding? What else is the sukkah secured to?
    6) The beams under the sukkah appear to be 2×4’s. What is the floor made of (e.g, plywood, plywood over corrugated metal)? How was the necessary strength of the floor determined?
    7) The left side of the sukkah has a couple of feet cantilevered beyond the end of the scaffolding. How was it checked for strength and stability?

  2. You want to just give us the names now for Tehillim or should we wait for the accident to C”V happen?

    People – let’s be smart. This is so dangerous to the occupants and to the people walking below. Makes no sense. It doesnt even look balanced properly


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