PHOTO: Conservative Radio Show Host Ben Shapiro Ascends Har Habayis



  1. How dare you call call him “conservative”? Hopefully it just means conservative as in right wing and not as in conservative judaism!

    • It reads, “Conservative Radio Show Host”.

      That would be like if someone said something about the “blue sky” and someone else responded, “how dare you imply that the sky is Democrat. I hope you were referring to its color and not to its political views.”

  2. Josh. They do mean conservative in politics as he is always referred to as such. To be honest if he was a conservative in Judaism it wouldn’t have been news

  3. The route that all frum groups take on har habayis is far away from the azara even according to the most chamur shiur and that is the only place where there is an issur kares and many gedolim have and continue to ascend the har (amoraim, gaonim, rav hai gaon, rambam, and many who do so todat secretly so as not to arouse the ire of the ilk of the previous commentator)which is 100% mutar as is clearly stated in the mishna which says that even a dead body may be brought into those areas of har habayis. Those ascending are mekayem six mitzvos as mentioned in Rambam’s sefer hamitzvos. Just go to a kosher mikva beforehand and wear crocs as it is assur to wear leather shoes on the har.

  4. Novo – that is patently false. The gedolim of all groups of klal yisroel forbade going on har habayis unanimously. A few smicha wielding maskilim with pieces of fabric on their head who have no regard for the physical and spiritual safety of our people do not count when the rabbonim of europe and eretz yisroel explicitly forbade ascending har habayis, including the chief rabbinate of Israel, and said that besides the issur, it angers the arabs and causes jewish blood to be spilled.

  5. There is no evidence that the Rambam went on har habayis; many of his letters were clearly tampered with, and were of dubious origin.

  6. The way things are headed, there will be a civil war in this Country. How much longer will we allow ourselves to be beaten down by the Thought Police in the corrupt DNC controlled media? Why are all our freedoms being stripped from us without even firing a single shot? How can we allow a handful of dregs of society occupying Congress to force us how to live our lives???

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