Photo: Does This Snow-Shoveler Have a Legitimate Beef?

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  1. It’s certainly not mentschlach
    Yesterday I had someone park in front of my house with his bumper sticking into my driveway
    I let it go, because the reality is that what is someone supposed to do?
    If you are driving in weather like this there is simply no place to park and you have to take what’s available.
    In this persons mind , everything needs to come a standstill . But life needs to move on. People need to drive and park. And if someone takes his space then what? Will he will take someone else’s space who also spent time and money digging out? Would he want that person to block him in?

  2. This is a stupid mean vengeful guy. I feel bad for his family if he has one. Digging ur car out gives u no right t a parking spot or to ur sick bitter vengefulness

  3. In Chicago its called dibs and its works. you have to “reserve it” and if you take it anyways they might slash your tires and the police say its your own fault

  4. He should move to Chicago. In Chicago you can shovel out a spot and put something in place so people know you’re spot is reserved for you.

  5. No. No. No While I feel bad for this person here in nyc this was never accepted. It is also against the law to save a parking space anytime. This happens to be a choshen mishpat question. I heard a shiur from a well known rav who addressed this issue he explained since we all pay taxes and the streets belong to every one equally one has no right to reserve a spot. Digging out a parking spot doesn’t make it yours. Illegal driveways may also fall into this category.

  6. The NYC parking rule states:

    “4-08 (n)(7) Unofficial reserving of parking space. It shall be unlawful for any person to reserve or attempt to reserve a parking space, or prevent any vehicle from parking on a public street through his/her presence in the roadway, the use of hand-signals, or by placing any box, can, crate, handcart, dolly or any other device, including unauthorized pavement, curb or street markings or signs in the roadway.”
    By the way I posted this after digging out my car.

  7. Hi. You spent a lot of time and energy shovelling out your car so that you would be able to drive your car. This does not entitle you to ownership of the spot.
    You are free to shovel my car in. However, please know – if you choose to shovel my car in – that I have set up video surveillance of the area. I will know who you are, and I will take the same amount of time and effort to find out where you live and which is your car, and slash your tires. This is a promise. I wish you the best of luck finding another parking spot, and hope you will reconsider your original plan to act like a jerk.

  8. No and it contains a few errors
    1) He didnt clear a spot he cleared his vehicle
    2) placing the snow back in its “original place” is on top of his vehicle not mine.
    3) Wherever his car is parked now that he moved it, is also a spot that somebody else cleared Newsflash: the snow didnt fall leaving this dope spots wherever he needs to be over the next few days. I rally dont get how people thinkt this is logical.
    Assuming you live in NYC where the lines between commercial/residential areas are quite blurred. People park there for various reasons throughout the day to get breakfast at the corner bagel store, lunch at the pizza place, shopping pharmacy etc all of which are right down your block. not to mention shuls. Why do people think they are the only ones who dug out their car? Why do people think stores should be closed to all but pedestrians?
    Maybe maybe you cna make this case for parking over night. But throughout the day? IT is so illogical!

    It struck me as I watched a groups of people shoveling each other’s sidewalks, pushing each others cars etc how bad weather brings out the best in some people and the worst in others

  9. He definitely has a point, I just wonder if he would actually follow through with his plan, and if it’s legal to purposely block someone else in.

  10. Doesn’t know how to behave and doesn’t know how to use “its” correctly, either. I hope he give equal consideration to others and doesn’t park in a spot that someone else shoveled out for the duration of this winter (and all future winters). BTW, why doesn’t he just threaten to slash their tire’s, smash their window’s sugar their ga’s tank or torch their car? I sure hope this charmer isn’t from unzerer.

  11. and have great memories of laying out folding chairs, garbage cans, mops and anything else we could find to hold our parking spot. nobody cared about whether it was the law, or what nationality was saving the spot. everybody more or less complied.

  12. Noone is saying the parking spot is his. He is simply giving a taste of his own medicine for the person that parked there. If he had to spend hours digging out, why should the next person get a free pass?

    • thats stupid
      Nobody is giving or getting a free pass.
      Wherever this dope parked is also a spot that somebody else cleared.
      And whomever parks in this spot also spent hours clearing his car.

  13. I agree with him. Its obvious that the above commentators never have to dig anything out. Either they have those heated sidewalks/driveways or they make Maria do it for them. They have no understanding of what it means to break your back for an hour shoveling and then shoveling again when the snow plows come and shove you right back in again! The guy who just moves into the spot that you worked so hard to clean, should be taught a lesson, unless its a neighbor from our block. In other words, if its someone who worked hard at a different spot then its ok. But if its one of those rich elitist snobs with the Lexus/Infinity who never had to lift a finger in his life, too bad. You & your car will get whats coming.

    • yeah becasue lexuses dig themselves out.
      wow you are stupid. We aare all frustrated about digging out the snow. But easy on the stupid pills please


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