Photo: Donald Trump Tombstone Mysteriously Appears In Central Park

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Make Central Park great again.

A tombstone in Central Park with Donald Trump’s name on it mysteriously appeared, but what then reportedly taken down just as fast.

The tombstone, which reads “Make America Hate Again,” appeared near Sheep’s Meadow.

There is no word who erected the tombstone in honor of, or apparently to mock, the Republican presidential candidate.

{Andy Heller – Newscenter}


  1. When they made a movie about Bush’s asasination it was art. Let’s see the media outrage over this one. There won’t be. And that’s why he needs to be elected.

  2. Bite this story.

    Trump looks like he cost some guy maybe $3000 for a brief moment of political ridicule.

    Fascinating year.

    Gipper never had one.

    Funny but pretty obscene. He’s not dead.

  3. Exactly. I am disgusted by the media since they portray only evil and never accurately report “both parties”

    People are currently misguided and are thinking who am I supposed to vote for?

    VOTE FOR DONALD J. TRUMP if you want your enemies petrified, your media scared and our country back in place.

    I’ve spent much time thinking about my choice and as much as people think he his not legitimate, I will say this: This man has built a successful empire, he’s lost and failed, but got back up even stronger. He has everything he wants. The only reason he is running for the president of the United States is because he really cares.

    Whenever someone tells me that he is wrong and he says whatever is on his mind makes me want to vote for him even stronger.

    Enough is enough. We need a leader that portrays strength and has a proven success rate. A star who has no need to run — yet fully believes that if he is elected, ISIS will no longer exist, jobs/border will be dealt with and last but no least he will make AMERICA great again.

    If your voting for Hillary, your voting another 4 years of Obama, ISIS establishments across the US, Unsafe borders, poor leader and someone who doesn’t support Jews.

  4. Just look for a sore-backed Democrat and you’ll find the culprit. Or possibly Ted Cruz has a buddy who’s a stone carver.


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