Photo: Donald Trump’s Daughter, Ivanka, and Grandson Prepare Mishloach Manos

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  1. How could people even call Trump an anti-Semite, or even associate him with Hitler yms after seeing this……it’s disgusting! GO LEFTIST MEDIA!:((((( shame on them!

  2. Gotta love it!
    It doesn’t look like the $150. – $200. mishloach manos packages that tower two stories high!
    Gotta love it!

  3. #1:
    The leftist media are not the only ones comparing Trump to Hitler. And before you (or anyone else) goes ballistic on the comparison, listen to what people are saying:

    No one sane is saying that Trump is going to build gas chambers or concentration camps or engage in any kind of genocide. But the facts are that Trump’s rise IS very comparable to Hitler’s.

    Trump, like Hitler (and Obama for that matter) is riding on the power of his rhetoric and his ability to whip up crowds. He has no policy, just rhetoric as in “Make America Great Again” which is just about what Hitler said in his time about Germany. The same can be said for President Obama. And all three are/were demagogues who said some very problematic things (in Trump’s case, like saying he would order the US Army to engage in war crimes and the army would obey him) and were given a pass because of their powerful speeches.

    So before jumping on people for the comparison, take a look and see what’s going on right in front of you, regardless of whether or not Trump has a Jewish grandchild who is making beautiful mishloach manos.

  4. When obama ran for president Matzav did an article and posted photos of some guy in Kenya who was obamas “Jewish Rabbi” cousin. Did you hear a peep or a kvetch out of the libs then?

  5. I guess spelling is not a strong point in this family… First Donald with all his errors that Rubio pointed out and now his daughter… ”more snacking thEn assembling”

  6. That is quite a foolish statement. Before Hitler came to power he already wrote his famous book About distroying all jews. He SURE DID HAVE A POLICY……….

  7. I do not believe that Donald Trump should be president. And I know his daughter is a big booster. But I do wish her
    b’shaa tova and kala laida.


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