Tragic Photo: Homeless Man Found in Garbage Bin Near Tachana Hamerkazit in Yerushalayim

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  1. I have no clue whether this person is Jewish, but even if he is not, he is a human being. I understand posting the news, so that garbage operators will be even more careful (they are already aware this is possible) and so that we all can consider donating and/or asking our favourite charity to allocate some funds for the homeless people, or perhaps take a few minutes and write a letter to our MK. Posting a demeaning picture of a human being for no reason? A human being who very likely is no angel, but is not a terrorist or anything like that? Sorry I can not agree.

  2. Why are you embarrassing him like this? Where are your midos? Did you ask him if you can post this picture of him in a trash can?

  3. Please remove this picture- I thought matzav was a means for us to find out what’s going on around the world without going to the secular media outlets. Is this really news worthy? So sad!!

  4. Very sad.

    The homeless must be a priority a nation can help.

    The hospitals are not the place that they should eventually end up due to exposure or other illness.

    Give more to a homeless shelter if you are repentant. It might be your home if your whole future falls through.

    Very sad.


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