Photo: In Crowded Meron, Man Finds Spot On Top of Bookcase to Daven



  1. Are you allowed to daven like that? Is that how one ferzach before the Borai Olam?
    Yes, just like Uman, there are some who dont belong there.

    • Nobody belongs in uman. Thier are only two places in jewish history that are not problematic halachicly to visit for lack of a better word as a “pilgrimage” kever rachel and meras hamechpelah.

  2. This is wink-o-doxy. The orthodox way to wink that life can be so special that you can even find a good place to read in the most unusual of respective thinking positions to ever learn Torah.

    I am myself often amazed at the wink-o-doxy in the orthodox community that I have seen in many times. Myself I have had some astonishing experiences but one like the wink-o-dox of this manner is yet upon my future.

    G-d is blessed. If we wink hard enough, Messiah Ben David will be the clear winner. He must be the safe bet that the ploy to be happy is always met by a prayer for Torah.

    Wink fast. The world moves too quick.


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