Photo: Lag Ba’omer Bonfire in Rechovot Made from Effigies of Sonei Yisroel: Hitler, Eichmann, Arafat and Bin Laden

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  1. Lo zu haderech. Totally inappropriate. This is not what lag beomer is all about. You want, do it on Purim, where we were saved from the sonie yisroel. But NOT on Lag Beomer. Lag Beomer had nothing to do with sonei yisroel. The 24000 talmidim that died, died because of their own shortcomings. This is just another example of our minhagim being hijacked by the immature.

  2. Great idea, Lag B’omer is a time we celebrate that the Talmedei Rabbi Akiva stopped dying. It’s a celebration that the Torah was saved and was able to be passed down till our generation, today. These beasts were out to destroy our nation and the Torah, which they did not succeed in. So in truth it is really ONE celebration!


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