Photo: Letter Written By Rav Chaim Kanievsky to Rabbi Gavriel Sassoon and Family

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  1. Loose translation:
    A letter of consolation to Harav Hatzaddik Gavriel Sassoon and the entire family, shlit”a,
    We were shocked upon hearing of the devastating accident that all who hear are overwhelmed by it, regarding the beloved and pure neshamos that were taken with such an unusual death. It is definitely because of the aveiros of the generation and you are important enough to be the one to atone for the generation. May Hashem send a refua sheleima speedily.
    It says in Masechta Shabbos (33a) that as a result of the aveira of nivul peh, much suffering and harsh decrees are renewed and young men of the (enemies of the) Jews die. Also, in Shabbos (119b) it says that fires are only found where there is desacration of Shabbos. It is impossible for us to know why Hashem did this, but all those close the niftarim who like to make an ilui neshama, must strengthen themselves in tznius, kedusha and remove all things that defile the should of a person. They should also be mekabel Shabbos many minutes before the zman, and this will definitely be an ilui neshama for those pure souls. (I can’t make out the second-to-last sentence.) and in the month of Nissan we will be redeemed.
    Chaim Kanievsky

  2. As per the previous poster with could not “make out the second-to-last sentence”:

    Loose translation:

    And may Hash-m Yisborach say to the Angel (of Death) ‘Be gone’. And may we see shortly in the consolation of Tzion and Yerushalayim….

  3. And Hashem should tell the Malach (hamaves) go away. And may we soon see in the comforting of Zion and Yerushalyim…

  4. “They should also be mekabel Shabbos many minutes before the zman” – “kameh” should be translated as several, not many.

  5. I’m no handwriting forensic analyst, but I’m pretty sure that this was written by someone other than Rav Chaim, albeit the signature is his.

  6. isn’t this exactly what I wrote when this tragedy occurred R”L

    how many times upon tragedies occurring have I written in the name of Hashem that Hashem is waiting for our teshuva?

    every time it occurs I cry in pain & feel the tragic loss of the people effected by that tragedy. because I have been given the responsibility to bring klal yisroel to teshuva through the pre-geulah teshuva movement. in pure humility & anonymously without anyone knowing who I am. Every message given over is a Wake-up message from Hashem that is sent down to this world immediately after the tragedy occurs R”L

    it pains me to write this & to rewrite the same message after each tzara hits klal yisroel without us waking up & returning to Hashem with teshuva.

    is there any hope? will we ever wake up? how much longer will it take? the honest truth is that there is always hope & I will never stop crying to Hashem to forgive my children-klal yisroel-who I have taken the responsibility to bring them to teshuva. BUT it can still take many years of worse tzaros C”V for us to wake up

    May we all do teshuva so we can bring the korban Pesach this year

  7. it Pains me MATZAV that now the tzaros will get worse R”L & the Hatzlacha from hashem Yisborach of MATZAV.COM will go down.

    You have shown your Dishonesty & corruption by not posting the post I sent earlier when you know its the truth & some of your Parnassah will be sent to a person that is honest & deserving of it.

    only way to save yourself is to make a new newsletter & post the message that was sen t earlier

    the choice is yours MATZAV


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