Photo: Lining Shopping Wagon for Pesach Shopping

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  1. makes no sense isn’t it in the same store as chometz? so everything would be contaminated according to the same logic.

  2. Halachically I think it makes sense. The store sells chometz and pesachdik items. The store generally does not do a complete cleaning of the wagons, and if they do they don’t generally keep watch and ensure wagons are not used for chametz. Pesach cleaning we do for small pieces that don’t have an ownership issue (baal yeroah…) generally is to ensure we don’t come to mistakenly eat it. Chometz is not botul on Pesach so it behooves us to ensure that our food packaging is not contaminated with a crumb of Chametz. Is there another way to look at this? Can someone point out why this is not a perfectly valid thing to do?

    • Its called tradition thats why! If you pick and choose every new stringency you are breaking with mesora! Why can’t people just do what thier parents did. Listen nobodys perfect but atleast try to not abandon what our parents did. If our parents didn’t line their wagons who are we to “act more frum” than them?

  3. Anonymous: sorry, but our parents were even more careful then us. I think you have it backwards.

    Mehu: or you can ensure to try not to get a crumb in the first place.

    Listen, not everyone has to do every stringency. But a little open mindedness and tolerance of those that are more stringent would go a long way for some. Nobody has to feel inferior because of others stringencies. Instead be proud of it.


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