Photo: MK Yaakov Litzman Being Menachem Avel MK Naftali Bennett Upon the Passing of His Father

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  1. To Midwesterner.

    Naftali always wears a kipa. The picture isnot clear enough to confirm otherwise. Common sense, shiva after his father, the days of slichos. It doesn’t even make the slightest bit of sense that he’s not wearing one.

  2. to #1
    First of all I doubt he is sitting bare headed. Secondly as is obvious he is sitting on a low seat as halacha proscribes. Why do you fail to see the good in what people are doing? Instead you look to point out/catch any conceivable fault no matter how remote.
    And lastly it is far from clear that one must wear a Yarmulka. It is well known that Sephardim and Yekkis were never so makpid.

  3. Wow, comment #1- no rachmanus whatsoever. You need to do some serious cheshbon nefesh regarding being sensitive.. Someone loses a parent, it’s not the time to criticize.. Plus, it’s a blury picture.


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