Photo: New Vehicle to Transport Rav Nissim Karelitz

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A new vehicle has been procured to transport Rav Nissim Karelitz, senior posek and rosh kollel of Kollel Chazon Ish in Bnei Brak.

The vehicle, a Kia Carnival, is designed to make travel easier for the elderly gaon and posek, who had experienced weakness of late.

The new vehicle replaces the old Chevrolet Uplander that has been used for many years to transport Rav Karelitz.

The vehicle was procured thanks to the efforts of Rav Karelitz’s devoted gabbai, Rav Avrohom Yeshayahu Karelitz.

car 1

David Steger – Israel


  1. Why is this newsworthy? How many people a day get new vehicles. Yes the Gadol needs to be transported as he is a human being.

  2. Imagine a headline in “Der Yid”: די בעל עגלה פון די חפץ חיים קויפט א נייע שיינע פערד

    I guess it’s a slow new day.


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