Photo of Interest: +Jews

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  1. this is a terrible thing. I can indeed say it does represent Plus Jews and not Ismart. The reality is that the largeness of the R is too coy to think it is not a J on the upside down.

    I myself was well aware of many who used the idea of “juice” as a coined reference in my feelings when I heard it that connotated the holocaust as a way by which the jewish people were eliminated without anyone caring in any way.

    Go to an automechanic who does not seem friendly to Israel and hear him discuss giving your car “juice” in such a way that you as a jew wonder if the endemic inherent anti-semitism is often the feeling one has when the idea of juice given for electronic battery acid induced support for the experience by which a taken taste of energy despised might have an arrogant connotation to Israel.

    This is very annoying and I would indeed like to see how this one is addressed. To make the same assertation exaction the same as the safety that is considered feared by Israel is very scary.

    Ismart is written as plus Jews. And when you plug something into the wall to get electric support and then consider how this relates to the holocaust, you can see there is a hate insensitivity for the value of Israel in that it can just be destroyed by the sake of a holocaust for the simple matter of the harder working experience being the more valuable ease by which the jew has no value and the mostly angry “harmless” presumptive situation of a backward grace is given the floor of human resolution.

    This is very coy and very hardened. I would say this is a wake up call and we should discuss this matter and see if the company will indeed rewrite its font and make the idea of Ismart more clear rather than any confusing experience with Ismart being seen as plus jews.

    Its too coy and its too sick to think otherwise.

    Antisemitism noted even if it was from a terror experience yet to be determined if it was due to a blatant hate regarded antisemitism.

    Scary to me as a Jew to see we can be plugged into a wall. I would not want to be put in that jeopardy as a jewish soul and I would not want to see this experience expand although the idea of calling the “juice” the “juice” to start my car is not my ever consideration.

    This is uncanny and this is a form of antisemitism that is called UnCalled Reminders of What Israel has seen as its terror in the world that has no regard for the jewish feeling.

    Such we know G-d is the one who is our Creator and the enemy has no consideration for Humanity.

    Grievous to me. Any others wish to comment?


  2. My humble opinion
    May all the antisemites limit themselves to graphically ambiguous logos and stupid puns. In fact I would love it if all the terrorists would quit what they’re doing and started desiging and marketing usb plugs.

  3. Gimme a break! There is enough anti Semitism in the world and it’s increasing all the time in very scary way, but this? Absolutely a fluke. PUHLEEZ!


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