Photo: Rabbonim in Monsey Forbid Chol Hamoed Rides They Say Were Set Up On Shabbos/Yom Tov

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  1. Do these rides belong to yiden, or they just rent out the space to the goyishe rides owners? Who saw the work being done on Shabos and Yom Tov, was it the work to set up the rides, or was it just some goyishe workers staying at the site after hours for personal reasons(such as driving around the field for fun, getting drunk, sleeping at the site in order to save on the hotel)? All this should be elaborated in this modoa vehazhora.

  2. I would have thought that the non-Jewish amusement company was paid a certain amount to have their rides available in that location from Mon-Thursday and decided for their own convenience to set the rides up on Shabbos/Sunday. In other words, they could have set them up before Pesach, but chose not to.

    However, even assuming the work was done b’issur (and I’m not assuming that), why would the prohibition to benefit from it extend beyond the time it would have taken to do the work b’hetter? In other words, if it took one day to set up, it should only be prohibited for one day, etc? And regarding Sunday, couldn’t it perhaps be argued that it was Yom Tov Sheini, where amira l’nochri is a bit more relaxed, especially for d’var mitzvah (fund raising for the tzedoka that sponsors this and providing kosher fun in a kosher environment for yiddishe kinder)?


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