PHOTO: Ramapo Supervisor Michael Spect Meeting With Rav Chaim Leibush Rottenberg After Attack At His Home

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  1. My dear brothers and sisters… Please start Davening to Hashem. Do NOT talk during Davening only to Hashem!!!!! Most important is improving the Tznius of the Orthodox women (world wide) especially in the neighborhood of this terrible attack.

    Enough is enough: going to Shul is not meant to be a fashion show/contest!!!. Enough said on this horrible topic, and now Hashem wants to see action, like: ‘changing into modest clothing’ and not dressing to Kill at every public event.
    Hashem is waiting for us to do Teshuva .

    I beg you my friends: Please wake up and smell the Hot Brewing Coffee, before it’s to late, Chas vesholom…


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