Photo: Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv’s Certificate Of Exemption From The IDF Circa 1948 Is Up For Auction

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    • At that time, Yeshiva students were able to get exemptions from the IDF. Since Aug 2012 this law has been cancelled and gezeras shmad has gone into effect full force, hence tzaddikei hador, Gedolei Hador, from this generation, including talmidim from Rav Auerbach zt”l and others, have no alternative but forbid even registering for the draft.

      • reepat after me
        “Ani maamin b’emunah sheleima bevias hagezeiros hashmad veaf al pi sheyismameah im kol ze achekeh lo bechol om sheyavo”

        Repeat over and over as needed

  1. Those days we’re very different, not to be compared in any way to the current day situation where the state of israe along with the help of all chavrei Knesset, are doing all in there power to recruit as many chareidem to the army, and so the gadol haddor maran Rav Shmuel Auerbach zy”a, paskend with his clear das Torah that to go down to the lishkas hagiyus is called taking part and working along with this terrible law.

  2. So many untruths
    Many of the grands & great grands of R. Elyashuv have exemptions from IDF, laws have not changed much for those who Torah learning is thier parnassah.

  3. Harav Shmeul Aurbach was a yachud. Most of the gedolim in EY and America disagree with their views regarding how to respond. This is a undeniable fact. One is required to follow the rabim. In EY this is the case.


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